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Sitting Duck
- 1982
Also done as a sculpture in a series of 275
This duck soon to be a movie star!

Due to contractual agreements, I currently am unable to get any of Michael Bedard's posters, lithos, or other artwork.

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A short biography of Michael Bedard

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Duck Town - 1998

From his book "Sitting Ducks"

Forest of Machinery - 1998
From his book "Sitting Ducks"

In A Stew - 1998
From his book "Sitting Ducks"

Nicely Decorated Apartment - 1998
From his book "Sitting Ducks"

Pop Up - 1998
From his book "Sitting Ducks"

Stranger in Paradise - 1998
From his book "Sitting Ducks"

An Awkward Moment - 1998
From his book "Sitting Ducks"

Abstract - 198?

Heated Studio - 1998
A very limited edition lithograph - only *2* made!

Dinocology - 1998

Mondo Sumo - 1998
Michael Bedard's world-famous duck steps from the drawing board...on to this first-of-its-kind Collector's limited Edition on Canvas. With conflict between the duck and the alligator as well as the looser facing the sharks, our heroic duck stands ready to tak on the overwhelming odds that life presents, fully confident that he will walk away the winner of this allegorical situation. You will sit back and only imagine yourself in his shoes or flippers.
"Mondo Sumo" is an individually signed and numbered giclee on canvas. It is a Limited Edition of 250 impressions and 30 Artist's Proofs in an image size of 30"X30" Portico Stone Framing with gold accent trim was chosen to compliment the theme of the alligator. The Portico Stone framing is available in your choice of muted blue or muted green.
Frame size is 35"X35".

Anticipation - 1989
The produced silk screen of this piece had the reflection of a duck in the eyes of the alligator. The story behind this piece goes like this:
What you see is a brown "alligator" and the reflection of a duck in the "alligator's" eyes walking toward it.  The reflection becomes bigger as the duck nears.  Soon, a large shadow approaches and begins to envelope the "alligator".  The "alligator" begins to run in fear!  You end up seeing a giant duck standing over, what first appeared to be a brown alligator turn out to be just a small brown lizard!

Survival of the Fittest - 1997
Also a very limited edition lithograph - only *2* made!
Also appears in the book "Sitting Ducks"

Foreplay - 1995
Also done as a sculpture in a series of 275

The Great White Hype - 1995

Sitting Ducks II - 1992
Also done as a sculpture in a series of 275

Ship of Fools - 1992
Once again, Michael Bedard distills to the very essence, the reality of our times with his sophisticated, humorous, social commentary on environmental issues. Oblivious to the ominous storm about to engulf their life boat, the ducks ignore their circumstance and continue to party while littering the surrounding seas.
"Ship of Fools" is an individually pencil-signed and numbered offset lithograph printed on Limoge 100% archival paper. It is a Limited Edition of 450 impressions and 50 Artist's Proofs in an image size of 23"x28".
Due to the turbulent seas, it was fitting to use a sculpted frame that would accent the "Ship of Fools". This frame was hand finished in Rome from the Cascade line. Ivory Dupioni Silk matting highlighted by a Teal Silke fillet graces this unique image. Dupioni Silk was chosen for both its texture and archival properties. For the most concervation conscious, Image Perfect U/V filtering glass completes this Collector's Choice.
Framed Size 34"x40:

Window Shopping - 1989
Also done as a sculpture in a series of 250

The Failure of Capitalism - 1989

The Failure of Marxism - 1989

First Ducks on Mars - 1988

Production - 1988

The Crossing - 1988

Crowmatics - 1988
The limited edtion was done as a silk screen

Too Many Ducks - 1988

Getting Away From It All - 1987

Duck Soup - 1986
This also came in a black and white version, which I thought looked better than the color one.

Kandinsky's Kat Band - 1985

Inspiration - 1984

Living Together - 1984
Also done as a sculpture in a series of 275

Noah's Blimp - 1984
For each lithograph, Bedard not only signed his name, but painted two crows by hand on each piece in a different place

Situation Comedy - 1984

The Crossing - 1983

Insex - 1983

Night Chicken - 1982

Discouraging Word - 1981

Low Frog Along The Coast - 1981

Partnership - 1981

Chicken Wings - 1979

One Too Many - 1978

Baker Frog - 1978

Hello Houston - 1977

Artwork copyright Michael Bedard

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